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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Simple Lad-4Sept2010 Rehearsal

The video above is the first recording after we tried to get the square dance and skipping timing right. We also did some warm-ups before the actual practice. We experienced a massive improvement from previous rehearsals when everyone had their own timing and style instead of a synchronized routine. Praise God that with renewed vigor, we are improving and moving forward for Simple Lad. Now we need to get the street people scene before the dance begin right. For now, still a bit blur...

Will upload another video of the same dance which was done just after this one. I can see a slight improvement. Moral of the story... Practice, practice and more practice lor.

I just returned from the 5 Sept rehearsal and somehow the Simple Lad routine was not as good. One of the reason was two of the actors/dancers were absent for the night before practice. When they came today, they had to learn the steps and were not sure, causing a little confusion for the rest.
Also when there's confusion the entire energy of the team dips... so that's why full turn-up for rehearsals are so so important. I know there are times it can't be avoided, but I know that with some car-pooling, the situation could have worked out. So I hope in future, if transport is a problem cos' parents have gone somewhere please do inform us earlier so that a solution could be found.
 Let's work together to make this a success for the Lord, Amen!

P.S. The street people scene has improved though... didn't manage to take the video as there were so many new scenes never before taken that needed to be shot for reference later.

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