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Monday, September 13, 2010

Session Before The Scenes - 12 Sept 2010 rehearsal

After having separate rehearsals for the past two weeks, we all (well almost all, some went to Singapore, others just disappeared without a word... mysterious cast members we have) came back to play all six scenes. We didn't do Scene 7 cos' some of the casts had to leave early.

For the last two rehearsals, Patrick had led us to do some emoting sessions and this Sunday was no exception. As can be seen, everyone was getting into it. However, most of us are still treating it as a joke instead of serious business with the many smiles on our faces when we were supposed to be sad, disappointed, broke and in fear????

The clips below will show you some of the emotions all of us were told to feel and express...

Learning to emote


Interacting with others

When someone is shooting people around you?

When you become an overnight millionaire

And then become a bankrupt the next day...

Scene 1 - 12 Sept 2010 rehearsal

We have almost the whole show done up this rehearsal. What we still haven't done are the Theme Song at the beginning and the end, the voice-over before Scene 1. We still need the powerpoint slides and also music to synchronise properly and wa la, we have our production.

Guys, watch the videos closely and see where you need to improve.

We are happy as commitment of some of the casts has been increasing. Some have been having their own practices besides the Sundays in order to bring to life this very important tale of Thomas More.

Sorry that the videos are shot on low resolution, as it is much faster for uploading. Use this as a guide...
Blessed week ahead ...God Bless!!!

Best of luck to those sitting for their major exams this month. We'll pray for you.

The Maniam home

Scene 2 - 12 Sept 2010 rehearsal

Mrs Maniam tells us Thomas More's story

Simple Lad


Thomas More go back to London to be a lawyer

Just Seventeen

Scene 3 - 12 Sept 2010 rehearsal

Thomas More comes home

Thomas More speaks to his children


Lover Of Us All

Lover Of Us All (Peter Toyat)

Pater Noster

Scene 4 - 12 Sept 2010 rehearsal

Rise of Thomas More


The Fall Of Thomas More

Happy The Man

Scene 5 - 12 Sept 2010 rehearsal

Anne Bolelyn and King Henry's squabble

Cup Of Life Outpoured

This Is Jesus

Chi Ro formation with candles in the dark

Meg's Letter

Scene 6 - 12 Sept 2010 rehearsal

Cromwell's tricks


Meg hugs her dad for the last time

Father I put My Life in your Hands

The Execution...