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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lover Of Us All - 29Aug10 rehearsal

Practice makes perfect... that's true as you can see from these two videos. The one above was done just after the choreography of the song Lover of Us All. The one below is after two more practices. Can you see the difference. I surely can.

I'm assured that as we all put our hearts into it and work in unity as one body, we will achieve the desired standard we need to bring home the message of Thomas More's life story.

Cup Of Life/This Is Jesus - 29Aug2010 rehearsal

Hi all, I am truly excited that as we continue our journey together as God's instruments, telling this important message of Thomas More, an incredible hero of our Catholic Faith, that technology has once again come in handy.

It just came to me last Sunday to video each dance and later each important scene so that the actors can see how they performed and improved from it. Kinda like our very own reality tv.... so better do your best every rehearsal.

I must say, everyone did their best and there was an overall improvement, although we have a long long way to go, right?

For those who did not come for the last rehearsals, we explored our different emotions and how to get in tune with them. For example, when we were sad with a sudden death of a loved one, how our facial expressions and body language changed and emoted. Then we had to switch to the most exciting moment of our lives in a split second ... exercising our expression muscles.

Some of us who were really into it - even spread the contagious enthuasiasm to others... great job.

Although, we had together experienced many obstacles, challenges (and I'm sure more to come if this is life as we know and live it) I am most comforted as I know for sure that God is with us and if He is with us who can be against us. So watch out those of you who are .... hahaha.

Happy Merdeka!!! May the example of Thomas More be modelled in our lives... Amen!